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Ratification Day is the day when the Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War, was ratified by the Confederation Congress, officially acknowledging the independence of the United States and ending the country’s status as a British colony. It marked the beginning of the United States as a sovereign nation and the end of a war that had been fought for over eight years.

History of Ratification Day

The Treaty of Paris was a treaty signed on September 3, 1783, by Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams on behalf of the United States, and by David Hartley on behalf of Great Britain.

Before the treaty was ratified, the United States was still considered a British colony, and the war between the two countries was still ongoing. The treaty brought an end to this conflict and officially recognized the independence of the United States. It also established the boundaries of the new nation, which included all the land east of the Mississippi River and north of the southern border of Florida.

Ratification Day is an important day in American history celebrated by many Americans as a symbol of their country’s independence and freedom.

Ratification Day Timeline

April 19, 1775

The Battle of Lexington and Concord

British troops and American colonists clash in Lexington and Concord, marking the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.[1]

July 4, 1776

Declaration of Independence

The Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence, declaring the colonies’ independence from Great Britain.[2]

October 19, 1781

The war comes to an end

The American Revolutionary War comes to a close with the British surrender at the Battle of Yorktown.[3]

September 3, 1783

Treaty of Paris is signed

Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams sign the Treaty of Paris on behalf of the United States, while David Hartley signs on behalf of Great Britain.[4]

January 14, 1784

Treaty of Paris is ratified

The Continental Congress officially ratifies the Treaty of Paris, ending the American Revolutionary War and recognizing the independence of the United States.[5]

How to Celebrate Ratification Day

There are a few different ways that someone can celebrate this important day in American history.

Attend a Local Event or Parade

Many cities and towns hold events or parades on Ratification Day to celebrate the country’s independence. This could be a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the day and get involved in the community.

Fly the American Flag

One simple way to show your patriotism on Ratification Day is to fly the American flag outside your home or business. This is a great way to show your support for the country and its history.

Find Out More About Ratification Day

Ratification Day marks a significant moment in American history, and there are many resources available for learning more about the event. You could read a book or watch a documentary about the American Revolutionary War and the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

Host a Patriotic Party

If you want to celebrate Ratification Day with friends and family, consider hosting a patriotic party. This could include decorations in red, white, and blue, as well as American-themed food and activities. You could also play patriotic music or watch a movie about American history.

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