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While they might sometimes be associated with clowns who are performing in a parade, these interesting one-wheeled cycles can truly be ridden by anyone at any time. In fact, it can be a really great workout! Spending some time on a unicycle can help people add muscle, practice balance, and build up that core – and also just enjoy the fun novelty of it all by riding a unicycle. Because it’s time to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate Ride a Unicycle Day! 

History of Ride a Unicycle Day

The Unicycling Society of America began its work as a non-profit organization around five decades ago, back in 1974. The purpose of founding the group was to encourage and promote the practice and activity of unicycling throughout North America and in other places all over the globe.

Over the years, this society has made a strong impact through conventions and events that are held annually, as well as by offering standards for skill levels and rules related to competitions within the world and sport of the unicycle. Anyone who is interested in unicycling can become a member of the society, no matter where they are from.

Ride a Unicycle Day was established in 2017 by the Unicycling Society of America as part of their effort to foster interest in and raise awareness about this unique athletic pursuit. This day is meant to encourage riders who have been at it for a while, as well as to promote the benefits of unicycles so that new riders might be willing to give it a try!

The date for Ride a Unicycle Day is always connected with National Unicycle Week. This larger, seven day long event takes place on the third full week in the month of May, and Ride a Unicycle Day is always scheduled for the corresponding Sunday. It’s a great day to kick off a full week of exciting activities and events that are related to riding and enjoying unicycles. In addition, it’s a perfect opportunity to make connections and build community with other people who love the unicycle.

How to Celebrate Ride a Unicycle Day

Get involved in the fun of Ride a Unicycle Day by improving skills and also connecting with others through some of these activities for the day:

Ride a Unicycle

It may be obvious, but it deserves to be said anyway – the best thing to do on Ride a Unicycle Day is to ride a unicycle, of course! Those who have a unicycle from years past lying around in the garage or attic collecting dust, might just need to get it out, tune it up and take it for a spin. If it has been quite some time, it might take a bit of time to get accustomed to it again, but… it’s probably just like riding a unicycle!

Folks who are new to the world of unicycling may find that this is the perfect day to try one out. Those who aren’t ready to invest in purchasing one might see if it’s possible to borrow one from a friend or check for a unicycle rental option in the community. With one of these options, learning how to ride a unicycle can be very low key with little pressure and then if you love it, you’ve gotten involved with an exciting new hobby!

Join the Unicycle Society of America

Get connected with other unicyclists by joining the Unicycle Society of America. It’s open for anyone from any country to join and provide access to resources, tips on buying unicycles, expert skill guides and much more. It may also be possible to connect with other unicyclists by joining or starting a local club. There are even leadership scholarships available for college students through the society.

Raise Awareness About Unicycles

A great way to celebrate Ride a Unicycle Day might be to invite others to join in on the fun and excitement by promoting the day. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have someone take a photo of you while riding a unicycle and then post it on social media platforms. Or, invite a friend to a unicycle riding event that takes place in honor of the day, such as organizing a unicycle race or hosting an event that trains kids how to ride a unicycle. While riding a unicycle on your own is fun, including friends, family members or other loved ones is a great way to get involved with the day.

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