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If you’re a fan of wine, you’re sure to know that a Red Wine is one that takes a great deal of its color from the grapes, whereas a white wine contains only elements from the juice of the grape itself. But what is this mysterious rosé wine we often hear about? Rosé Wine Day is your chance to learn the difference and just how fantastic the result is. Want it? Rosé wine is the wine that contains only some of the color of the grape skins but lacks the rich and robust color of red wine.

History of Rosé Wine Day

Wine, as you may know, has been a part of human history for a respectably long time, and throughout its history, it has come to include many different vintages and techniques related to its creation. Among those wines, we have the iconic Champagne, Red Wines, White Wines, Port Wines, Mead (Which is technically a Honey Wine), and of course Rosé wine. Interestingly it’s likely that the further you go back in the history of Red Wines, the more like the new Rosé Wine they were, due to the difference in wine press technology of the time.

One of the most beautiful phrases one may hear used in reference to Rosé Wines is the term “Vin D’une Nuit,” a French Term which means “Wine of One Night.” This term references the practice of leaving the wine base in contact with the skin for only a single night, producing the light blush commonly seen in these wines. In the years following World War II, however, Rosé Wine would begin to explode into the world’s consciousness as a Portuguese Wine Producer started releasing wines of this make that became much desired and something of a world standard. Want to know more? Research these wines as part of your Rosé Wine Day celebration!

How to celebrate Rosé Wine Day

This is easily one of the most enjoyable and distinguished of all these events to celebrate. All you need to do is visit your local vintner or wine dealer and ask them for their best Rosé Wine! Be prepared to be presented with quite a selection as they trot out their finest still and sparkling Rosé Wines for your perusal. If you’ve never enjoyed a glass of this classic style of wine, you’re going to be in for quite a treat and will find a new tradition to celebrate Rosé Wine Day.