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We all have different types of friends. Some are like family and some are more aptly described as acquaintances. No matter how we describe them, they each play a role in our lives. We can recall with clear vision our good and bad moments with each of them.

National Send a Card to a Friend Day is your chance to tell them exactly what they mean to you and why. This is not about a phone call or an email. This is a day to send a card… in the mail! Yes, there still is a person who delivers physical letters and cards! They come down your block every day…check it out!

History of National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Since our days have become filled with every kind of electronic communication that you could dream of, the art of penmanship and letter writing has begun to fade into a memory. Don’t think so? Ask a school aged child if they had penmanship today and see how hard they laugh at you! It just doesn’t exist anymore. This sad state of affairs raises the delight that one feels when having the fortune to be the recipient of an honest to goodness paper card! No pixels here, just your heartfelt thoughts put down on paper.

There was a time when men and women wrote daily notes to their friends. There were thank you notes, party invitations, love notes and of course the gossip filled notes catching up on the previous evenings antics! Now we have a minute to minute digital journal on social media! So National Send a Card to a Friend Day is all about stepping away from the devices and show someone how much they mean to you.

How to celebrate National Send a Card to a Friend Day

This is a fun holiday to celebrate! There are so many options. Just head to your favorite store and wander down the aisle with the cards. You could spend hours there! Do you want a funny card or something more serious? The cards will be organized so that it is easy to go right to the type you are looking for. Feeling a little more creative? You could make a card from scratch! Pull out your paper and markers and get to it? Does that feel too silly for you? It shouldn’t. Just head to your favorite craft store and you will find boat loads of inspiration! Don’t forget to pick up some glitter while you are there, because what is a handmade card without some glitter!

Is making a card with glue and glitter just a little too creative for you? Alright, I’ll let you know how you can use your computer or device. There are some programs out there that will help you to create a card to show just how much you care. You can have it printed at your local drugstore or on your own printer. Just make sure you write something personal to your friend in your own handwriting so that it will be the ultimate surprise on National Send a Card to a Friend Day!

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