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If spotting a cute emoji can put a smile on someone’s face, imagine how it would brighten their day to get an even more personal surprise in their in-box. Make that happen on Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day.

This annual occasion reminds us of the joy of sending and receiving warm messages to one another. We have the latest technology at our fingertips. So why not try? It will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

History of Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day

Electronic greeting cards, e-cards, beautifully meld technology with traditional greeting cards.

The story of the now-familiar digital greeting card burst into pop culture in the middle of the 1990s. In the early 90s, computers (then hefty in size) entered our homes. As people became more proficient, they learned new ways to use them to streamline their lives.

Judith Donath wrote the first chapter of the electronic greeting card’s history at the M.I.T. Media Lab and introduced “The Electric Postcard” in 1994. This new idea was an entirely new way to send a greeting marked. But it started a revolution – a new time of digital correspondence.

These early ecards had quaint pixelation. Soon after, they contained the earliest GIFs, which conveyed enthusiasm. Receiving one was a delightful surprise.

Over the years, electronic greeting cards have evolved with technology. Once, sending one required intentional shopping for an e-card, a lengthy checkout process, and then a slow upload. Users would cross their fingers and hope the file was not too large actually to send.

Today’s e-greetings can be quickly purchased and sent securely from a computer or a phone. The evolution continues onward.

How to Celebrate Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day

Celebrating this day combines traditional sentiment and digital doodling. Here’s how to spend some time on this Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day:

Check out the World of E-Cards

Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day is perfect for finally ditching paper cards once and for all. You’ll find no shortage of creative messages online.. Think of e-card websites as the grand buffet of the digital world. You can find a message to send everyone!

Need a chuckle-worthy cat meme for your feline-loving friend? Got to find a heartwarming landscape to tell someone you miss them? The e-card universe has got you covered for either.

Choosing an e-card is like picking out the perfect card off the rack in a store. It’s the thought that counts, but still, a little humor will take you far.

Why not pick out a card that sings? Or one featuring a character that dances? After all, nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a cartoon giraffe jiving to a funky tune!

Customize and Personalize

Adding a personal touch to your e-card is like adding sprinkles on top of an ice cream sundae. It just makes it so much better! Many e-card platforms are the digital equivalent of a craft shop. You’ll find them packed with options to personalize your greeting.

You might be able to throw in a photo from that hilarious beach trip. Some allow video content – a perfect use of that clip of the family dog ‘singing’.

How about a soundtrack of your friend’s favorite 80s hit? Just imagine their surprise and laughter upon opening an e-card that bursts into a chorus of “Eye of the Tiger” with their picture on a boxing champion’s body!

Group Greetings

Organizing a group e-card is like herding cats. Wait… On second thought, it’s actually easier. Whether it’s for a colleague’s farewell or a friend’s birthday, getting everyone to chip in their messages on an e-card is a breeze.

For example, an e-card could become a mini roast for a co-worker’s retirement party. Each colleague could add a funny anecdote or a light-hearted jab. It’s a great way to show someone how many people care (and are willing to poke fun at them).

E-Card Design Challenge

Why not unleash your inner digital Picasso this “Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day”? Challenge yourself or your friends to create the most outlandish, heartwarming, or hilarious e-card.

That might be a funny comic strip detailing the adventures of a superhero dog. Or maybe it’s a mini-animation of a dancing taco. Let your creativity run wild.

And don’t forget to flaunt your masterpiece on social media with #SendAnElectronicGreetingCardDay. Let the world see your digital doodles!

E-Card Treasure Hunt

Transform “Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day” into a digital scavenger hunt. Send your loved ones a series of e-cards. Each message will contain a clue leading to the next.

The final e-card could reveal a surprise Zoom party. Or maybe it would be an announcement of your next travel destination. It’s like a digital breadcrumb trail. But leaving bread behind is messy. So instead of bread, it’s made of laughter and anticipation!

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