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National Shrimp Scampi Day

Creamy butter, savory garlic, tangy lemon and a hint of wine. And of course…shrimp! Seafood lovers rejoice and enjoy the delicious dish, shrimp scampi.

National Cheeseball Day

Usually a mix of rich cheeses and creams, tasty spices, and a coating of almonds, the Cheeseball makes a perfect party dip, with a little extra flair.

National Rice Ball Day

This Japanese staple is delicious, adaptable, nutritious and cheap, so choose your favorite way—or a few ways—to dress your Rice Ball, and enjoy the sticky delicacy.

National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day

Everyone knows about chocolate covered peanuts, but surely the creamy sweetness of the cashew makes the ideal nut base for this chocolatey treat.

National Beer Day

Visit a brewery, crack open a cold one with your friends, or learn how to brew your own beer on this hoppy holiday. Not a drinker? Try alcohol-free beer!

German Beer Day

Many of the best beers hail from Germany, which is renowned for its annual Oktoberfest. Appreciate those malty, rich Hefeweizens and Lagers.

International Carrot Day

Bake it into a cake, crunch it with some ranch, or cook it up in a butter sauce: the carrot is healthy, tasty, and surprisingly easy to grow for your own.

National Canadian Bacon Day

This savory meat is a breakfast staple, often served with eggs and toast. It's a delicious and protein-packed way to start your day!

National Meatball Day

Juicy round balls of succulent meat, usually served with pasta, mashed potatoes or on their own — perfect for a cozy dinner at home!

National Blueberry Popover Day

Airy, golden puffs, bursting with tiny, juicy surprises - a delightful breakfast twist that's simply irresistible, begging for that first bite.

National Baked Scallops Day

Imagine a plate, ocean jewels nestled in golden perfection, a bite that's a dance of buttery, briny delight - pure culinary magic.

National Tater Tot Day

Crispy, bite-sized golden nuggets that make a delightful snack or side dish, offering a satisfying crunch with each savory bite.

National Pizza Day

Imagine sinking your teeth into a hot, crispy, cheesy slice of heaven. Each bite is a flavor explosion, transporting you to pizza paradise.

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

Rich, fudgy, chocolatey goodness with a creamy, tangy surprise inside. It's like a delicious chocolate cloud with a delightful twist.

National Cream Puff Day

Light, airy delights with a delicate sweetness that melts in your mouth. Perfect for any occasion, from afternoon tea to a midnight snack.


World Meat Free Week

From tofu scrambles to veggie burgers, it's time to embrace your inner herbivore and give those taste buds a party with plant-based delights!

National Pastry Day

From filo to puff, Danish to baklava, savor flaky, buttery treats from your local bakery or attend a pastry-making class to learn from the pros.

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Ensuring that your favorite eateries follow top-notch protocols behind the scenes for everyone's well-being and satisfaction.

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National Porridge Day

Wake up to a warm, hearty breakfast that will keep you fueled for hours with a classic dish that's been enjoyed for centuries.

International Asteroid Day

Explore the mysteries of space rocks hurtling through the galaxy, with the potential to unlock secrets of our universe!

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