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National Son and Daughter Day

There's nothing quite like seeing a little you running around and causing mischief. Watching them grow up is an adventure!

National Wiggle Your Toes Day

Trade your cramping, stuffy trainers and dress shoes for sandals, or walk barefoot in the sand or grass to give your toes some well-deserved wiggle room.

National Lazy Day

There's nothing like taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Give yourself permission to unwind and enjoy the moment!

Brother’s Day

Get in touch with your brother, brothers or someone you think of as one, and spend some quality time together, in-person or virtually.

Curmudgeons Day

Raise a cheer for the lovable grumps who add a dash of comedy to our lives by honoring their cantankerous charm and embracing the laughter they bring!

International Men’s Day

Raise awareness of the mental health issues guys face, challenge harmful stereotypes about masculinity and support the wellbeing of the men in your life.

National Boyfriend Day

Plan a fun date, buy or create a thoughtful gift, and make sure your boyfriend knows how important he is to you.

Men’s Grooming Day

Men of the world, end the scruffiness and disarray and focus on your grooming. Take some time to shave, trim, or even visit a professional salon or barber.

National Happiness Happens Day

Life feels like a warm summer day when you're filled with joy, surrounded by loved ones, and living your dreams.

National Men Make Dinner Day

When the aprons come on and the sizzle fills the kitchen, it's a culinary showdown, proving that guys can whip up more than just trouble.

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National Kissing Day

When lips meet and hearts flutter, the world feels like it's spinning in slow motion, and for a moment, nothing else matters.

UK Armed Forces Day

Show support for the UK Armed Forces who serve their country and community, from fighting in wars to delivering aid to war or natural disaster-torn communities.

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