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International Sailor Moon Day

Start a re-watch or re-read of the immensely popular manga and anime series Sailor Moon, or take this opportunity to discover your newest media obsession.

Batman Day

Break out your Batman DVDs, invite friends or family, and start a marathon honoring Gotham’s defender and one of the most beloved superheroes of all time.

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Unlock your inner muse and let creativity soar! Immerse yourself in vibrant brushstrokes, captivating sculptures, and awe-inspiring masterpieces that spark joy and ignite your imagination.

International Translation Day

Join any of the events, seminars, or symposiums about translation and play your part in the globalization of trade and languages of all kinds.

International Animation Day

Cartoons that transport you to whimsical worlds, where characters come to life with every stroke of the artist's pen.

National Drive-In Movie Day

Bring snacks and drinks, comfy blankets, and of course your car and go see a new or old favorite movie at your local drive-in, from the comfort of your car.

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Geeks are in! Dig out that Star Trek t-shirt, drink out of your Buffy mug, even consider sharing some of that fanfiction you definitely “didn’t” write.

Alien Day

Host a movie marathon, read a graphic novel, or break out the Alien video games to honor Ridley Scott’s iconic and beloved science fiction franchise.

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National Rat Catcher’s Day

Enchanting melodies, luring shadows, captivating an entire town with a mysterious musical tale and whimsical charm.

National Chicken Wing Day

When it's game time or just time to kick back, these crispy bites are the ultimate companions for sharing and savoring.

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