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International Underlings Day

These loyal sidekicks and assistants are the real heroes, keeping things running smoothly and ensuring the boss looks good.

National Paul Bunyan Day

Gather together with friends or family to honor the iconic story of Paul Bunyan by sharing folklore and revisiting these sometimes odd, always entertaining tales.

Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day

Trust, honesty, and forgiveness are vital for rebuilding a relationship after infidelity causes pain and damage.

International Client’s Day

Recognizing the value of those who make business thrive, showing gratitude for the partnership that grows and the trust that strengthens.

Benjamin Banneker Week

Unleashing his brilliance, this remarkable individual made history with his achievements in science, engineering, and his unwavering dedication to knowledge.

Name Tag Day

Forging meaningful bonds, sharing laughter, stories, and moments that linger in the heart, creating a tapestry of relationships woven with authenticity.

Commitment Day

Sticking to promises made, and showing up when it counts, proves that dedication runs deep.

National Genealogy Day

Digging into family trees unveils a captivating journey through generations, offering insights into heritage and the lives of ancestors.


Experience Week

Embarking on life's adventure to chase aspirations, turning desires into reality with unwavering determination and a dash of audacity.

World Dracula Day

Host a Gothic party, or watch any of the great adaptations of Bram Stoker’s absolutely iconic piece of Gothic literature, the eponymous Dracula.

National Roots Day

Exploring family history unveils a rich tapestry of the past, connecting individuals to the traditions and stories that shape their identity.

Bachelor’s Day

Whether it's traveling to a new destination or trying a new hobby, there's never a dull moment when you're single and ready to mingle.

World AIDS Day

Don a red ribbon to raise awareness of this prevalent condition, counter misinformation and stigma and donate to education and research efforts.

International Women’s Day

Commemorating achievements in the ongoing struggle for gender equality, acknowledging progress while recognizing the road ahead.

Lost & Found Day

Don't worry when you lose something precious — it might just be waiting for you in the magical world of the lost and found.

Orphan Sunday

Kids who, despite life's challenges, display incredible resilience, touching hearts with their strength and inspiring hope.

National Unfriend Day

In the realm of social media, occasionally parting ways with unfamiliar faces can be refreshingly liberating.

World Doll Day

Take a walk down memory lane by visiting your childhood dolls, or donate old dolls to kids to give others a chance to bond with these popular toys.

World Children’s Day

In the vast playground of life, where every adventure begins, lies a world of endless possibilities for the little dreamers.

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National Porridge Day

Wake up to a warm, hearty breakfast that will keep you fueled for hours with a classic dish that's been enjoyed for centuries.

International Asteroid Day

Explore the mysteries of space rocks hurtling through the galaxy, with the potential to unlock secrets of our universe!

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