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Well for us in the northern hemisphere we are enjoying the cooler months and the ability to snug up and hide under a hundred blankets. Well, that’s just the cats. November has been a quiet month but the celebrations have not stopped.

Sandwich Day

I love sandwiches, if I could have them for every meal I would! There is so much that you can do with two slices of bread and an universe of fillings. For me the ultimate comfort food is a chip butty!

There is nothing like it and you cant deny that once you have tried it you will love it! Trust me!

Fountain Pen Day

I have quite a few fountain pens. For some, they are an obsession for others they are practical. I love that I can write for a long time without hand cramps. The one that I favor the most is my Platinum Curidas, which is a retractable fountain pen and is very nice to write with.

The other fun side of fountain pens is not only the body of the pen itself. It is also the ink! With so many options out there, it can sometimes feel like an over whelming subject. Personally as long as I have a hard wearing black ink then I am good. The one that I like the best is the Rohrer & Klingner Dokumentus Black, this is a permeant ink and it holds up to highlighters really well.

Sesame Street Day

If you grew up in the 90’s or earlier then you will be familiar with Sesame Street. Who was your favorite character? My is Cookie Monster! Om nom nom nom! But Cookie was not the only one that I like Count was also a big hit when I was younger and who could resist the joy that Elmo provides.

When I saw that Hobonichi had collaborated with Sesame Street I had to grab one for my planner for next year. It just give me so much joy to look at and I really think that is important in life have something that makes you smile every day.

World Kindness Day

There has been a lot of hurt in the world this year and we could all do with a little bit of kindness. The smallest act can sometimes have the biggest impact and something a small as shopping with an independent rather that a chain makes the biggest difference.

I have many friends that run there own small business and they are supporting a family while doing something that they love. Though it can be more expensive then shopping but the item will last longer and will be created with love rather then mass produced.

Fast Food Day

Some days you just need to take a night off cooking! Even though I love cooking there is something about just not having to cook that is deeply satisfying for me. But my go to food of choice has to something tasty!

Some may go for a Maccy or BK but I love this Thai place and it is the best takeaway near me. There is nothing like it near me and If I could just eat this all the time I would. It is so delicious and I wish I could cook anywhere near as good as this.

And with that we move into December and the final month of the year! And what a year so many celebrations!

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