I love marshmallows in general and toasted marshmallows especially, the only drawback being that they take far longer to toast than they do to eat. But fear not, for I have discovered a way to get this done far more speedily.

You could of course pop them in the microwave, but that’s not really toasting, that’s just nuking the bajeezus out of them. You could put them under the grill, but aside from having to watch them intently and turn at least once, chances are they’ll come out tasting like bacon. Although maybe that’s not a bad thing?

So instead simply empty an entire pack into your toaster and plunge them into a fiery damnation, making sure to use the lowest setting, otherwise you’ll more than likely burn the house down. And as an added bonus, you get to lick the crumb tray clean afterwards too!

Oh, but before you go doing this, I have to point something out for legal reasons: NEVER DO ANYTHING I RECOMMEND, ESPECIALLY ON TOASTED MARSHMALLOW DAY!!

(Watch Marshmallow People on YouTube)


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