I don’t know about you but summer is in full swing for me and July was full of sunshine and celebrations! I had a little break in Barcelona which was amazing and got to celebrate a few holidays as well.

Now that I am heading into full summer mode I am trying to celebrate as many outdoor and food Days as possible. I hope that you have been enjoying the celebration where you.

Mechanical Pencil Day

You have guessed from so of the celebrations that I have shared in the past that I love stationery and when the guys over at CultPens got in touch with me to get this day on the calendar, I knew it would be a big day amongst stationery lovers everywhere.

The reason behind the date of this day as well made a lot of sense as well. 5/7 or 7/5 depending on where in the world you are. As these are to two most popular lead sizes for any given pencil user. Personal I love a 5 and a 2B lead. My perfect setup is…

I can not tell you how many times I have “lost” my pencil because someone has loved it. It’s a good job that the guys at CultPens have this in stock all the time.

Don’t Step On A Bee Day

Like I said I love to spend time out in the garden and I have a whole section of the garden dedicated to bee-friendly flowers along with water and rest spots for them.

Don’t Step On A Bee Day is an important reminder that the fate of the common bee lies in the balance – with bee numbers in some countries having halved in the last decade with no apparent cause, it’s vital that we take care to maintain bee populations, pollination & honey production.

Hot dog day

There is nothing like having a craving for hot dogs and the Hot Dog Day turns up! The weather has been incredible here in the UK and I couldn’t pass up on having a couple of hot dogs out in the garden.

Personal I will have them with just a bit of ketchup sauce on them while Jono goes for fried red onions with some ketchup. I was half tempted this year to have gerkin or two on my dog but I couldn’t get hold of any. Bun, dog, sauce. That’s it plain and simple.

There is nothing like having a few hot dogs when the mood strikes and if it strikes on Hot Dog Day then all the more reason to have a couple! I hope you celebrated and had one or two!

Junk Food Day

If there is an opportunity for me to have some junk food I am going to take full advantage of it! And it looks like a few of you took advantage of a cheat day as well. Lorraine, a Facebook fan, definitely stocked the cupboards ready to celebrate this day!

“I think I have got this day covered!”

Aunt and Uncle Day

I don’t see my aunts and uncles as much as I probably should but I am also an aunt to my sisters two kids. Lil butt is a little ball of energy and is getting so sassy now and some of the things that she says just crack me up!

Tiny butt, on the other hand, does not like me and apparently, I am not the only one. He seems okay for about 30 secs and then starts crying. I’m not going to take it personally. But I have spent a lot more time with Lil butt.

I hope that you were able to catch up with your aunts and uncles on the day!

Rain Day

Can you believe that it didn’t rain on Rain Day! I was fully ready to embrace the weather and enjoy a good downpour. It has been very warm here and the garden has not been handling the heat too well.

It also seems that a lot of you guys as well needed the rain. I don’t know about you but I do love a good rainy day, the smell of petrichor in the air and fresh feel it provides.

As much as we complain about the weather and the rain there is nothing like it to wash away the bad and revitalise you.

I am very much looking forward to August there is a lot on and my calendar is full of celebrations!

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