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Sometimes we just a need a quick fix for something, whether that be clothing or a piece of software.  Patches are used to seal holes in clothing, to correct issues with a piece of software, and even to close up leaks in boats.  

I Need A Patch Day celebrates these quick fixes and the important role they play in keeping us on the move. If you’ve ever been riding your bike and gotten a hole in the tire or found an error in a program you love you’ve probably said: “I need a patch for that.”

History Of I Need A Patch For That Day

The history of this holiday is primarily the history of the word patch and all it has come to mean in our society.  The word itself essentially refers to a small piece of something. This could be a small piece of land, cloth, or code, just to name a few options.

The term also refers to connecting two things together, like telephone lines or radio circuits. Yet another meaning for the word patch is ‘to repair something hastily’.  All of these meanings have been mixed and added together to result in the various uses of the word patch today.

While the most common use of the word patch used to refer to fixing something, specifically clothing, there’s a good chance the most common use today refers to software.  

Whether you’re running a business, a website, or building a game it’s likely that you’ve installed multiple patches or updates to your software. This term is used because a software patch is a small piece of code that’s used to cover up or correct a problem in the existing code.

Of course, there are other kinds of patch as well.  Consider the eyepatch, often considered to be the easiest way to recognize a pirate outside of a peg leg.  Are you trying to quit smoking?

Then you’re probably going to be using a nicotine patch to help you along. Getting ready to garden? Then you’re going to need to clear out a patch of land to work on! No matter what you do, there’s a good chance you’re going to need a patch for that.

How To Celebrate I Need A Patch For That Day

Start celebrating by making sure that all of your electronic devices have the latest patches for their software.  Then you can go through your clothes and find out if they need a patch to cover any holes.

Done with that?

Now go see if you need to clear out a patch of the yard for a flower garden!  Throughout your day you’re sure to find a million different times that what you really need a patch for that.