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For those who are in the non-profit sector, grant writers work to align their organizations’ needs with the specifications of various grants so that funding can be secured to keep achieving their goals that benefit society. This might result in providing resources for children, education, arts, libraries, healthcare, the environment and so many other important forms of support.

International Grant Professionals Day provides an excellent opportunity to increase awareness about how important the people are who perform these roles.

History of International Grant Professionals Day

The Grant Professionals Association (GPA) was started in 1998 and has grown quickly since that time, with more than 3000 members around the globe and local chapters in many areas. Whether people write one grant each year or one hundred, this association works to connect folks who work in this sector.

Many people struggle to even understand what it is that grant professionals do – until they are called upon to secure funding, of course. International Grant Professionals Day was established in 2015 to raise awareness about and show appreciation for these folks who work hard to get funding for organizations.

This annual celebration provides opportunities for recognition of the administrators, managers, grant-writers, proposal developers, consultants and so many others who participate in the process of making grants work for non-profit organizations, government agencies, and local communities. International Grant Professionals Day is all about honoring and celebrating the diligent work of everyone involved.

How to Celebrate International Grant Professionals Day

Make a big deal out of a favorite grant professional or a whole office full of them by enjoying and celebrating International Grant Professionals Day! Consider some of these ideas get getting involved:

Show Appreciation to Grant Professionals

Those who know grant professionals, whether through professional connections or personal, International Grant Professionals Day offers an ideal opportunity for individuals, families, businesses and more to show some love and appreciation to the folks who work in this sector. This might mean organizing a special event at work where grant professionals are taken out for lunch or given an afternoon off. Or, for family members it might mean bringing them breakfast in bed or surprising them with a gift card for their favorite coffee spot.

Join the Grant Professionals Association

International Grant Professionals Day would be a great time for eligible people working in the industry to join the GPA. With 43 active chapters in the US as well as other countries, check out the organization’s website for more information on how to join.

Learn More About Grant Professionals

In addition to being responsible for writing grants and securing funding, grant writing professionals provide lots of other support to the organizations in the non-profit sector. This could include being dedicated to provding the highest standards of ethics, developing quality programs, ensuring wise financial stewardship and implementing projects with integrity. International Grant Professionals Day is the ideal time for these folks to celebrate themselves and their profession, as well as highlighting some of the difficulties they face.

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