When I don’t know what to wear, I wear black lace.

Carine Roitfeld

Lace… It’s the very image of delicacy and allure, elegance and fashion. When we think of sexy lingerie, it may involve silk and satin, but it’s always trimmed with lace. Lace Day celebrates this elegant fabric and the history and skill of its production. There are still those who make it today by hand, and Lace Day goes out to celebrate them and their continuation of this amazing art form, rather than letting it fall to the reign of machines.

History of Lace Day

Lace Day’s history is the history of lace, which is as convoluted and interwoven as the substance itself. Italians say it was created there in 1943 by a Milanese family by the name of Sforza. The Flemish claim is founded on a painting from 1485 where a priest can be seen wearing an alb with what appears to be lace on it.

What is far more likely is that it was developed in multiple locations and times throughout the world, but what is actually known is that it was widely known and produced in the 16th century.

Lace has been used for everything you can imagine, not just underthings but also for decorating the home. Such was the delicacy and complexity of lace that it could be turned to almost any purpose, lace doilies were commonly placed on tabletops and on the back of couches, and was incorporated into clothing, especially dresses.

During the 1800’s lace was ubiquitous as a sign of prosperity, and people took great care to keep their lace in good condition, particularly difficult since it would often be part of daily wear.

That isn’t to say that lace isn’t well thought of still today, quite the opposite. In fact, lace both modern and old is so treasured that pieces of damaged lace will be cut down to retain the undamaged portion and framed in picture frames, often with black backgrounds to accent its beauty and complexity.

How to celebrate Lace Day

Are you a fan of the fiber arts? Are you looking for a new challenge? Lace Day encourages you to make an attempt at learning how to create lace of your very own. It requires very fine movements and much patience, but the results are inevitably worth it. If not, you can just enjoy the lace that’s in your life, and chances are good, especially if you’re into elegance, you already have some in your life.

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