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The National Day Of Praise And Worship is a recent addition to the calendar of religious observances worldwide. The one-day event encourages Christians, specifically, but people across every denomination, to express their faith. How do they participate? By having a day full of praise and worship for Him.

History of National Day Of Praise And Worship

Derrick Wallace started the National Day Of Praise And Worship in 2020. While a recent event, the day was a long time in the making.

Christian Worship Music is a key part of the National Day Of Praise And Worship. The musical genre has evolved significantly over the years, and the early 20th century witnessed the rise of Christian Unions in universities.

Campuses began to welcome events focusing on evangelical speeches and biblical education. In the 1950s, the Taizé Community in France began attracting young people from different denominations. This momentum brought with it a remarkable shift in worship styles.

The Jubilate Group’s ‘Youth Praise’ release in 1966 was among the first turning points. They introduced a collection of popular praise songs. By the 1990s, contemporary Christian music had begun to blend with worship music. That meant a dynamic shift in church services.

This period also gave birth to songs like ‘Lord, I Lift Your Name on High’ and ‘Shine, Jesus, Shine.’ These songs transcended into regular worship. 

Technological advancements have allowed for a more dynamic presentation of church worship songs in recent years. Such groups as Vineyard Music, Hillsong Worship, and Bethel Music have led the way.

How to Celebrate National Day Of Praise And Worship

Here are a few ways you can join the National Day Of Praise And Worship movement:

Community Gatherings

Organize or attend gatherings in your community. The National Day Of Praise And Worship is a day to come together with others to celebrate through collective worship. This could be at a church or community center. But it can also be a less formal spot – like a public park.

The focus should be on unity and shared expressions of faith. Think beyond group prayers and hymn-singing sessions. Instead, include sharing testimonies of faith.

Charitable Activities

Dedicate part of the day to serving others on National Day Of Praise And Worship. Consider it an act of worship and gratitude to God. This could be volunteering at a local charity or helping those in need. It could also mean organizing a community service event.

Acts of kindness and service are powerful ways to embody the teachings of Christianity. In fact, they should be a meaningful part of celebrating this day.

Artistic Expression

Try using the arts as a form of worship and praise. This could include creating religious artwork or writing poetry or songs. The idea is to use your gifts and creativity to honor God and express your faith.

Educational Activities

Organize or participate in workshops or seminars focusing on the history of Christian music. Look into the role of worship in the Christian faith. This insight can deepen your understanding of the significance of praise and worship.

Digital Worship Sessions

Connecting with other Christians through online worship sessions can be meaningful. You could organize or participate in a virtual event. Invite people from different parts of the world to pray, sing, and share messages of faith.

These sessions could be live streaming services or online prayer groups. You might also stream virtual choir performances.

Nature Retreats for Spiritual Reflection

Organizing a retreat in a natural setting can provide a serene environment for spiritual reflection. Where better to connect with God’s creation than the stillness of His creation? 

Activities could include outdoor prayer sessions and meditative walks. You might also consider discussions on the significance of nature in Christian theology.

This setting allows for a peaceful and contemplative celebration of the National Day Of Praise And Worship. Thus, it allows you to feel a deeper connection with faith and the natural world.

Celebrating this day is about using one’s talents and preferences to honor God in a personal and communal way. Whether you prefer the arts or learning activities, it’s a day for Christians to connect more deeply with their faiths.

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