With so many types of pens, from the everyday biro to the decadent fountain and the multipurpose Sharpie, the humble pencil is often overlooked. That’s why Pencil Day is here to remind us just how amazing a stick of graphite encased in a tube of wood can be.

Sketching in pencil is an incredibly expressive, therapeutic and fun activity. Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or think you don’t have a single creative bone in your body, take five minutes to have a quick doodling session and see where your imagination takes you. With a pencil you can remove your mistake with an eraser, or simply rub it with your thumb to create a shaded area or interesting effect. Then when you’re done, there are few things more satisfying than placing the pencil behind your ear and parading around like a fifties New York journalist (make sure to roll up your sleeves too).

Oh, and if you want to be particularly geeky (like us), check out this Pencil Grading Scales Explained article!

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