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How to celebrate Jul 12th

We have a fun-packed day ahead! To combat sand and dust storms, start indoors with a relaxing Pecan Pie Day breakfast. Keep it simple by tossing a paper bag over your head for a laugh, honoring Simplicity Day with minimal decor or distractions.

For a midday snack, whip up some jello in quirky molds to celebrate Eat Your Jello Day. Take a stroll to a local fry joint, enjoying some fries to honor National French Fry Day. Share a kebab with friends for World Kebab Day – don’t forget to snap an Etch A Sketch masterpiece before digging in.

Get chatty on New Conversations Day, connecting with someone new or sparking up a fresh chat with an old pal. Embrace individuality on Different Colored Eyes Day by playing with mismatched makeup or colorful contacts.

Wrap up the day with a sweet treat in hand, reveling in the simplicity of it all. Let’s embrace these seemingly random holidays and make them our own!

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