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National French Fry Day

What could be better than potato fried in oil? Visit your favorite fast food joint, restaurant, or try frying up your own French fries. Don’t forget ketchup!

World Kebab Day

Perfectly cooked meat, vegetables, and seasonings on an easy-to-eat, low-mess stick. Visit a restaurant or food vendor and enjoy a kebab, or make your own.

Paper Bag Day

Unleashing practical versatility, these folded carriers hold life's essentials, reliable companions in the rhythm of daily existence.

International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms

Defending against nature's turbulent dance, where winds showcase Earth's dynamic forces through swirling sands and atmospheric drama.

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How to celebrate Jul 12th

You wake up, eager for an adventure-filled day. Start by indulging in crispy French fries for breakfast, celebrating National French Fry Day. Then, head out for a leisurely stroll, with a kebab in hand to honor World Kebab Day.

As you wander, pick up a paper bag to engage in some impromptu craft activities—a nod to Paper Bag Day. While out and about, keep an eye out for sand and dust storms, advocating for environmental awareness on the International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms.

For lunch, savor a slice of decadent pecan pie to mark National Pecan Pie Day. Embrace the simple pleasures in life by decluttering your space, in the spirit of National Simplicity Day.

In the afternoon, whip up a wiggly, jiggly bowl of Jello to enjoy for National Eat Your Jello Day. Take a scenic drive to appreciate classic cars, celebrating Collector Car Appreciation Day.

Channel your inner artist in the evening with an Etch A Sketch, commemorating Etch A Sketch Day. Look for someone with different colored eyes to appreciate diversity on National Different Colored Eyes Day.

Wrap up the day by striking up a conversation with a stranger to celebrate New Conversations Day. By embracing these whimsical holidays, you’ve created a day packed with flavor, creativity, environmental awareness, indulgence, simplicity, and connection. Enjoy!

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National Pecan Pie Day

Make your own gooey, tasty pecan pie. Start from scratch or buy a frozen crust, then cook up the filling out of pecans, butter, sugar, eggs, and some spices.

National Simplicity Day

From taxes to technology, life gets complicated and stressful. Declutter your life and mind by stepping away from it all and settling in with a book or cup of tea.

National Eat Your Jello Day

Delight in the wobbly joy of a gelatinous marvel that brings smiles and culinary creativity to gatherings and desserts.

Collector Car Appreciation Day

Preserving automotive heritage, these cherished vehicles embody the spirit of bygone eras and captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

Etch A Sketch Day

Dig out your old childhood toys and find that bright red device you probably spent hours on. Get creative and try your hand at Etch a Sketching as an adult.

National Different Colored Eyes Day

Appreciate the striking beauty of heterochromia, or having two different colored eyes, a common phenomenon among dogs, cats, and humans alike.

New Conversations Day

Stop being content with boring chitchat about the weather and sports, and dig into real, meaningful conversations with people on New Conversations Day.


National NAIDOC Week

Explore the rich tapestry of Indigenous culture and heritage during this annual celebration of Australia's First Nations.

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National Culinary Arts Month

Mastery of flavors and techniques, culinary arts blend creativity and skill to craft exquisite gastronomic experiences for all.

National Hemp Month

Harnessing the versatile properties of a sustainable plant to create eco-friendly products for various industries and applications.

National Powersports Month

Thrill in the exhilarating rush of off-road adventures, where adrenaline meets rugged terrain for ultimate excitement.

Independent Retailer Month

Embrace the vibrant community spirit and make a positive impact by supporting local shops and businesses. It's a win-win for everyone, fostering growth and creating a thriving neighborhood.

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Bone up on cell phone etiquette and do your part to make our society less annoying. Keep your volume down, don’t use speakerphone in public, and be self-aware.

National Horseradish Month

Make a point to try out all sorts of new recipes during Horseradish Month by making use of this flavorful, zingy ingredient in everything from salads to cocktails.

National Picnic Month

Get a basket, a big blanket, and a selection of portable foods like fruit, salad, sausage and sandwiches and enjoy a tasty, relaxing outdoor picnic.

National Ice Cream Month

Cool down from the summer heat by indulging in the sweet, creamy treat we all scream for. Pair it with pie or brownies, top it on a cone, or just have a bowl.

Plastic Free July

Make a point to avoid creating plastic waste, and substitute reusable, environmentally-friendly items like metal straws and water bottles or paper bags.

Bank Account Bonus Month

Many banks offer bonuses for opening a new account, so do some research and see if you can get some cash just for opening up a bank account somewhere new.

Sarcoma Awareness Month

Educate yourself and spread awareness about the risk factors, warning signs, and symptoms of the rare but potentially deadly forms of cancer known as sarcomas.

World Watercolor Month

Head to your local art supply store, get some watercolors and a good canvas, and get your creative juices flowing. Draw a landscape, or express yourself abstractly.

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