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Sprinkle Day

Make your day just a little more festive and sweet by adding sprinkles to everything! Within reason, of course. Oatmeal, muffins, and of course dessert all benefit.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day

There’s a reason Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are one of the most popular candies. Chocolate and peanut butter just go together. You can’t go wrong with this combo.

World Sjogren’s Day

Dry eyes, parched mouth, joints ache, a silent struggle against the body's own defenses, yet resilience persists.

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

This classic creamy dessert pairs perfectly with pies, cakes, and everything in between. It's a timeless treat for any occasion!

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How to celebrate Jul 23rd

Start your day by sprinkling a few tablespoons of creativity into your morning routine. Mix things up with a new breakfast creation – perhaps peanut butter and chocolate pancakes or a sprinkle-topped vanilla ice cream smoothie bowl. Embrace the sweet and savory combination to kick off your day in a deliciously unique way.

As you head out, take a moment to appreciate the little joys around you. Notice how the sun glistens like vanilla ice cream, and how the laughter of children playing echoes like a melody of joy. Celebrate the beauty of the world on World Sjogren’s Day by staying hydrated and taking care of your health. Keep a water bottle handy and treat yourself to some soothing vanilla ice cream to stay refreshed and energized throughout the day.

Midday, why not pay a visit to a Grandma you adore? Share stories and laughter with her on National Gorgeous Grandma Day. Surprise her with a sprinkle-covered treat or a scoop of her favorite vanilla ice cream. Take the time to appreciate her wisdom and warmth, learning from her experiences and reveling in her company.

In the evening, embrace the spirit of International Yada, Yada, Yada Day by engaging in lighthearted conversations and banter with friends or family. Host a simple gathering where everyone can share their random thoughts, funny anecdotes, and playful musings. Add a touch of sweetness to the mix with some dessert featuring the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

End your day with a sense of contentment and camaraderie. Reflect on the joy and laughter shared, the connections made, and the memories created. Cheers to a day filled with sprinkles of happiness, scoops of love, and a medley of heartwarming moments. Carry the spirit of these quirky holidays with you, embracing the simple pleasures and unexpected joys that each day brings.

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National Gorgeous Grandma Day

Let your granny know how much she means to you, and pay tribute to all the older women who have shown us that you’re never too old to live your dreams.

International Yada, Yada, Yada Day

Re-watch the iconic Seinfeld episode that made “yada-yada-yada” a household substitute for “blah-blah-blah”. It’s okay to make it a binge-watch, too.


National Moth Week

Sign up for an event or citizen project during Moth Week to get involved, take and post photos, and get a good look at the interesting varieties of moths out there.


National Zoo Keeper Week

Dedicated professionals caring for exotic animals, ensuring their well-being, educating the public, and contributing to conservation efforts.


National Parenting Gifted Children Week

The unique joys and challenges of nurturing exceptional talents, fostering creativity, and supporting their emotional growth.

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National Culinary Arts Month

Mastery of flavors and techniques, culinary arts blend creativity and skill to craft exquisite gastronomic experiences for all.

National Hemp Month

Harnessing the versatile properties of a sustainable plant to create eco-friendly products for various industries and applications.

National Powersports Month

Thrill in the exhilarating rush of off-road adventures, where adrenaline meets rugged terrain for ultimate excitement.

Independent Retailer Month

Embrace the vibrant community spirit and make a positive impact by supporting local shops and businesses. It's a win-win for everyone, fostering growth and creating a thriving neighborhood.

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Bone up on cell phone etiquette and do your part to make our society less annoying. Keep your volume down, don’t use speakerphone in public, and be self-aware.

National Horseradish Month

Make a point to try out all sorts of new recipes during Horseradish Month by making use of this flavorful, zingy ingredient in everything from salads to cocktails.

National Picnic Month

Get a basket, a big blanket, and a selection of portable foods like fruit, salad, sausage and sandwiches and enjoy a tasty, relaxing outdoor picnic.

National Ice Cream Month

Cool down from the summer heat by indulging in the sweet, creamy treat we all scream for. Pair it with pie or brownies, top it on a cone, or just have a bowl.

Plastic Free July

Make a point to avoid creating plastic waste, and substitute reusable, environmentally-friendly items like metal straws and water bottles or paper bags.

Bank Account Bonus Month

Many banks offer bonuses for opening a new account, so do some research and see if you can get some cash just for opening up a bank account somewhere new.

Sarcoma Awareness Month

Educate yourself and spread awareness about the risk factors, warning signs, and symptoms of the rare but potentially deadly forms of cancer known as sarcomas.

World Watercolor Month

Head to your local art supply store, get some watercolors and a good canvas, and get your creative juices flowing. Draw a landscape, or express yourself abstractly.

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