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Focus on making the world a slightly brighter and better place by sharing love and cheer through sending greeting cards to make people happy, one card at a time. Spread some cheer by participating in and enjoying Random Acts of Cardness Day! 

History of Random Acts of Cardness Day

This day got its start through a group of folks, called Card Warriors, who make it their mission to spread happiness all over the world, “one greeting card at a time”. While it might seem like a ploy created by Hallmark or some other card manufacturers, it’s absolutely not! It’s all about spreading happiness.

The Random Acts of Cardness (RAOC) group was founded in 2015 by a young woman named Megan Evans, who was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Evans found that sending and receiving greeting cards was an important part of her own healing and she wanted to bring light to others.

What started out as a small project to send a couple dozen cards to children in a hospital has turned into a much larger mission. The group now has more than 5,000 members and they celebrate Random Acts of Cardness Day annually with the purpose of sharing joy and love with everyone by sending greeting cards to folks near and far. Through this event, cards have been sent to bring cheer to people in many different countries all over the world.

How to Celebrate Random Acts of Cardness Day

Send a Random Card

A “just because” card is such a delightful thing to receive, especially when it shows up in the mailbox or on the doorstep, completely unexpected. Instead of waiting for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other holiday, celebrate Random Acts of Cardness Day by sending a card through the mail, or hand delivering one – for absolutely no reason at all.

So head on over to a department store, drug store, gift shop or some other place where greeting cards are sold and pick up a few, grab some stamps from the post office, and mail some random cards!

Make Some Handcrafted Cards

While a store bought greeting card is certainly nice to receive, a handmade, personalized card can be even more special. Those who are feeling crafty might want to draw, paint or color some pictures on cardstock to send out to brighten up the world. Even better, parents and teachers can get the kids involved with making cards to send out and show some love on Random Acts of Cardness Day.

Send Cards to Troops Or Hospitals

Although this day can be celebrated by sending a card to literally anyone, some people prefer to send them to people in difficult situations, such as those in hospitals or in the military. Check out the resources on the Random Acts of Cardness website or through the Facebook Group to get access to various lists of people who would especially benefit from receiving a card. Get access to other tips for celebrating the day there too! 

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