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The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.
~ Robert Falcon Scott

They’re fuzzy, friendly, and have been with man longer than any other animal, who are they? Our dogs of course! After thousands of years of history dog has finally come to rely on humans for their time spent outside walking and exercising, and frankly are more than happy to get our lazy simian backsides out the door for some actual movement! Walk Your Dog Week reminds us that getting up and out with our four footed besties is a great way to spend an hour or so!

History of Walk Your Dog Week
Walk Your Dog Week was established in 2010 by one Colleen Paige, Celebrity Animal Advocate and Pet Lifestyle Expert. She recognized the intrinsic value of our relationship with dogs and how it can improve your life in even the worst of times. She also took note of a plague that was beginning to affect dogs as severely as it was humans, obesity. Our habit of eating greasy foods chock full of sugar and cholesterol has transferred to our pets, and today pets and their owners suffer in obesity together. So what’s a celebrity pet lifestyle expert to do?

Establish a brand new trendy holiday to encourage her fellow celebrities (and everyone else) to get up off their tuchus and get out into the world with their pets! Exercise can extend the life of dogs and their pets alike, and who doesn’t want more time on this Earth with their favorite four footed friend? Turn back the tide of pancreatitis, heart disease, and diabetes by getting you and your favorite canine out into world. Who knows, your new human best friend may be out there with their own canine best friend!

How to Celebrate Walk Your Dog Week
Celebrating Walk Your Dog Week is simple, you just have to get out of the house for 20 minutes to an hour every day with your best four-footed friend! Once you’re outside going for a walk, see how much better it makes you feel. Many people aren’t even really familiar with their local neighborhood these days, with our ‘work to home, home to work’ lifestyles, so getting out and walking your dog can also lead to you meeting your neighbors and creating a greater sense of community in your neighborhood. Now get out there and burn off energy with your canine, and sleep the sleep of champions!

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