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Be reminded that individuals and local communities are part of something much larger by coming together and celebrating World Healing Day! 

History of World Healing Day

World Healing Day has a background that can be traced back through a grassroots movement of people focused on the hope that comes through natural healing. The event that acted as a launch point for World Healing Day was World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, which has been held on the last Saturday of April since 1999, with official recognition from many state and national government entities. That day eventually evolved into what is now celebrated as World Healing Day.

Whether referring to individual health and wellness, the environment, or global peace movements, World Healing Day is here to focus on well-being. Folks who celebrate this day are often dedicated to various mind-body practices such as yoga, Reiki, art healing, Sufi dance, meditation, healing prayer and many others. The motto for the day is “One World…One Breath”.

With activities and gatherings held in hundreds of cities and towns, in at least eighty countries, World Healing Day has found its way into the hearts and lives of people all over the planet. Past events have also been held at the United Nations as well as the Nobel Prize Center.

How to Celebrate World Healing Day

Make a difference personally and in the world by joining in with World Healing Day. Check out some of these ideas for enjoying and raising awareness about the day:

Join World Healing Day Events

The coordinators at World Healing Day have made it possible to connect with like-minded folks all over the world on this day. Different events will be arranged at 10am to ripple through the time zones as the earth rotates. Events are organized that encourage people to share in breathing, meditation, and a vision for global health and healing. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Practice Personal Healing

Whether a guru or a novice, World Healing Day is all about setting intention and then making a habit of the various mind-body practices that can lead to healing. This could include attending a yoga class at the local gym, learning how to practice Tai Chi & Qigong, getting involved with some trauma healing through art and music therapy, or a wide range of other opportunities.

Share World Healing Day

One of the best ways that someone can heal is by connecting with another person! World Healing Day can be celebrated by sharing with friends or family members. This might mean inviting a close friend to go to a yoga class together, to practice meditation or attend a spiritually minded event. Or, it could mean sharing a personal story of healing on social media so that others can be inspired and perhaps pursue their own healing as well.

Other days that can be celebrated around the theme of healing include International Mind Body Wellness Day, National Forgiveness Day, and International Yoga Day

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