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National Best Friends Day

Get together with your best friend, or take a little time to get in touch if you’ve moved away and strengthen your connection to that one person who always gets you.

National Blame Someone Else Day

Give your conscience a break for just one day, and lay all that blame on someone else. Come up with pranks, play a blame-game, and have fun with it.

Childhelp National Day of Hope

From the nonprofit Childhelp, this day is dedicated to the plight facing many children around the world: the devastating effects of neglect and abuse.

National Walk Around Things Day

Most days, you’re forced to face your problems. Stressful. But on Walk Around Things Day, give yourself permission to avoid your problems and enjoy peace.

National Name Yourself Day

Maybe you always felt like your name didn’t reflect who you are, or maybe you just want to try something new. Re-invent yourself for one day by choosing a new name..

Plan Your Epitaph Day

Take some time to think about and plan how you want to be remembered forever: Plan Your Epitaph day is to choose what you want engraved on your tombstone.

National Visit Your Relatives Day

Make time for family and go visit your relatives, whether that means heading across town to visit your aunt, or making a trip across the country.

World Down Syndrome Day

Embrace the resilience and unique beauty that shines brightly within individuals who possess an extra chromosome, fostering compassion and understanding.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day

As we age, exercise and health get more difficult, but also more important. Explore options like low-impact exercise and water workouts for health in old age.

National Women’s History Month

Throughout history, women have made significant contributions to society despite facing challenges; their bravery and resilience changed the world.

National Teach Your Children to Save Day

Teaching your kid how to handle money could be the difference between a stressful and difficult life, and a comfortable one. Take some time to set them up.

Wright Brothers Day

Two aviation pioneers who defied gravity, unlocked human potential, and inspired generations to reach for the skies and beyond.

Nothing Like A Dame Day

Pull out some brash old films or recordings, visit the theater, or dress up to pay tribute to the bright ladies of the theater on Nothing Like a Dame Day.

Reading Is Funny Day

By reading books of riddles, jokes, and comedy, help kids see how reading can be just as fun and funny (if not moreso) as video games, tv, or the internet.

No Homework Day

Rejoice! Studies show that homework can be ineffective or even counterproductive to learning, so take the day off and enjoy other activities on No Homework Day.

New Home Owners Day

If you’re lucky enough to own your home, throw a housewarming party on New Homeowner’s Day. If not, this may be a good time to start planning for your future.

Forgive Mom & Dad Day

Healing your heart and letting go of resentment can be liberating, allowing you to move forward with love and positivity.

Join Hands Day

Help organize or join an event to benefit your community on Join Hands Day, a day dedicated to coming together with others to make things better.

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National Porridge Day

Wake up to a warm, hearty breakfast that will keep you fueled for hours with a classic dish that's been enjoyed for centuries.

International Asteroid Day

Explore the mysteries of space rocks hurtling through the galaxy, with the potential to unlock secrets of our universe!

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