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From jumping on a trampoline to growing flowers in the garden, from a rousing game of croquet to paddling around in a kiddie pool, the backyard can be full of all sorts of adventures and activities all summer long!

National Backyard Day is here to help individuals and families get into the spirit of the backyard, preparing it (and themselves!) for a spring and summer full of sorts of delightful adventures.

History of National Backyard Day

People have enjoyed their gardens, patios, backyards, and other outdoor spaces for generations.

National Backyard Day is a slightly newer event, having its inaugural celebration in 2021. The idea behind this event came from the makers of the allergy medicine Zyrtec.

The date was chosen to honor the events of March 2020, when people worldwide spent time in their backyards due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hope for National Backyard Day is that people young and old will be reminded that getting outside – whether in their own backyards, in a local park, or in a remote forest – is healthy for the body and for the soul!

How to Celebrate National Backyard Day

Take this as a reminder right around spring to have loads of fun in the outdoors by celebrating National Backyard Day with some of these ideas:

Start Enjoying that Backyard

Those who live in warmer climates might already be mowing the back lawn, tackling weeds, and hosting various events—and that’s the perfect thing to do in celebration of National Backyard Day!

Even if someone doesn’t have a backyard, they can still celebrate this event by heading to a public green space or park to enjoy a picnic, throw a frisbee, walk the dog, hang out in a hammock, or get involved in another outdoor activity.

Get the Backyard Ready

For those who live in cooler climates, mid-March might be a bit too cool to host a barbecue, backyard picnic, or other type of gathering—there might even be snow on the ground!

But it’s still a great time to start thinking about and planning what kind of fun events and activities will be celebrated in the backyard as the weather begins to warm up over the next several weeks.

Even in the cooler weather, some folks might want to take National Backyard Day as an opportunity to prepare for the backyard season by removing leaves from winter, cleaning out the gutters, cutting back bushes or trees, tuning up the lawnmower, and other spring maintenance projects.

Other enjoyable Days of the Year events throughout the spring and summer act as perfect reminders to get outside and enjoy nature, including National Yard Games Day on June 20, National Eat Outside Day on August 31, or National Weed Your Garden Day on June 13.

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