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There’s a treat that we poor colonists have rarely ever enjoyed, it’s a delicious meat-filled pastry that is flaky, flavorful, and all around amazing. If you’ve never had these savory filled puff pastries it is far past time to add them to your menu, and Sausage Roll Day is the day to do it! Each year we celebrate this amazing little pastry and the country it came from, and this year so can you! Just delve right in and read up on where it came from, when it’s used, and how America has been missing out on this best of all treats… until now!

History of Sausage Roll Day

First, we should probably just answer the question looming on your mind, “What’s a sausage roll?!” Sausage rolls are much as we’ve described them, a pleasantly spiced mixture of sausage, preferably home-made, that is then carefully wrapped in an all-butter puff pastry (which is usually store-bought these days) and baked until delicious. That’s it, a bundle of sausage in a wrap served up to hungry Brits (And now Yanks!) everywhere.

Sausage Rolls are to Britain what cold chicken is to the America’s, the perfect picnic treat. Sports day? You’ll be having a big plate of these brought out for generalized noshing. On the run and need a quick bite? Bet your lady packed you a sausage roll in your lunch box. Walking down the street and got a hunger? Bet you’ll be tanking up on a sausage roll (or fish and chips…), these things are everywhere and a standard part of British fair.

Of course, apparently Americans didn’t discover them until November of 2015, much to the astonishment of a great foggy island Nor-Norwest of Spain. It was an absolute storm of confusion and disbelief that day as our neighbors from across the pond realized that we poor fools had utterly failed to invent such a basic and miraculous thing as the savory, flaky, buttery, delicious sausage roll. Then again what should they think about a country that doesn’t properly know what a biscuit is?

How to celebrate Sausage Roll Day

Well, the best and easiest way to celebrate Sausage roll day is by eating your fill of sausage rolls! If you don’t have access to a place that sells proper sausage rolls, look up a recipe! If possible, look for one from a British recipe site to make sure what you’re getting is an authentic sausage roll. Then share them with your friends and family, so that they too can know what it means to enjoy a sausage roll, hot or cold. Then start preparing for next sausage roll day!