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National Reading Month

Unlocking knowledge and communication through the written word, promoting learning and empowering minds to explore boundless horizons.

Harley Quinn Month

A captivating character with a penchant for chaos and vibrant aesthetics, adding a colorful twist to the world of Batman and the Joker.

2FA Day

By adding an extra layer of security, 2FA fortifies your digital defenses, ensuring your online interactions remain safeguarded and private.

International AAC Awareness Month

Facilitating expression for those with unique voices, empowering communication, and unlocking a world of connection and understanding for all.

National Seersucker Day

Woven elegance, this tactile masterpiece whispers of timeless sophistication and has graced the discerning with its charm for generations.

Ride a Unicycle Day

A solitary wheel, a feat of equilibrium and poise, embodies a singular journey of grace and mastery in the world of cycling.

National No Phones at Home Day

Disconnecting from screens, it's like hitting the refresh button for your mind, offering a break from the digital noise of today.


National Young Readers Week

Fostering young minds' love for stories and expanding horizons through the magic of books; opening doors to imagination.

National Big Wind Day

Nature's powerful gusts, bending trees and stirring the world, an awe-inspiring force reminding us of Earth's untamed might.

National Virtual Vacation Day

Exploring new destinations, cultures, and flavors from the comfort of your own space, letting your wanderlust loose without leaving home.



The festival of lights — a time for family, delicious eats, and stories that remind of hope's enduring glow in the darkest times.

Alien Abduction Day

Mysterious encounters of the otherworldly kind that keep the curious among us wondering about what's out there beyond the stars.

Ides of March

The midpoint of the month, when historical twists remind us of the intrigue and unpredictability of life's twists and turns.

Elmo’s Birthday

That little furry red monster, always bringing laughter and life lessons to kids, making learning an adventure.

National Bible Sunday

Exploring ancient wisdom, tales of courage, and timeless guidance from a well-known book that's influenced countless lives throughout history.

National Trading Card Day

Collectible pieces of nostalgia, capturing the essence of various interests, be it sports, movies, or the wonders of the natural world.

National Lottery Day

Taking a chance on a potential windfall can be thrilling, but always remember to play within your limits to keep it fun.

Minnie Mouse’s Birthday

That iconic polka-dotted, bow-rocking character who's the perfect partner for some theme park fun and a dash of cartoon nostalgia.

National Text Your Ex Day

Sometimes, late at night, that tiny keyboard feels like a time machine to revisit old chapters or maybe even start a new one.

Mexican Independence Day

An important moment in Mexico's history, a celebration of freedom and resilience that unites people in colorful festivities and pride.

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National Porridge Day

Wake up to a warm, hearty breakfast that will keep you fueled for hours with a classic dish that's been enjoyed for centuries.

International Asteroid Day

Explore the mysteries of space rocks hurtling through the galaxy, with the potential to unlock secrets of our universe!

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