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World Human Spirit Day

The profound connection to something greater brings a deep sense of peace and fulfillment. Nurturing the soul can lead to a life of serenity and joy.

Inconvenience Yourself Day

Extending a hand when needed, embodying kindness, and making a positive impact on someone's life can ignite a chain of compassion that reverberates through humanity.

Purple Day

Raising awareness about a condition that affects millions worldwide is vital in promoting understanding, education, and compassion towards those living with epilepsy.

Tangible Karma Day

De-clutter your life and help the planet at the same time, by passing on your less-used items to another. On Tangible Karma Day, it might just come back around.

Day of Silence

Give your vocal cords a break, and support the cause against LGBT bullying. Join a silent sit-in, put up posters, or simply stay quiet to promote awareness.

World Malaria Day

Half a million people die of malaria each year. Donate to efforts to stop these deaths by providing mosquito netting and treatment to commonly affected areas.

National Hairball Awareness Day

Cats get hairballs…right? Yes, and no. For many cats, the occasional hairball is normal and healthy, but be aware of signs that these hairballs might be harming them.

Petite And Proud Day

Be confident in your smaller stature. Petite and Proud Day is an opportunity to show off your good looks and confidence—even if you can’t reach the top shelf.

World Asthma Day

Raise awareness and help improve the lives of the many people around the world who suffer from asthma, a common but potentially life-threatening ailment.

World Kidney Day

These amazing filters work tirelessly within, like nature's purifiers, maintaining a body's balance and health behind the scenes.

National Third Shift Workers Day

Emergency workers, 24 hour companies, cargo loaders and more have to work difficult hours, so honor these workers on Third Shift Worker’s Day.

National Couple Appreciation Month

Take some time to appreciate romance and companionship, whether with a romantic getaway or date, or a just a small gesture reminding your person how you feel.

As Young As You Feel Day

Age is just a number — a state of mind, not a limitation — it's how you feel that counts! Embrace your inner child and stay young at heart.

National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

Navigating the maze of food choices, they're the go-to guides for healthier living, sharing insights and crafting personalized paths to wellness.

World Tuberculosis Day

Honoring the relentless human spirit in the face of a formidable adversary, a disease that has shaped history and medical progress.

Self Love Day

Embracing one's worth and celebrating individuality ignites a vibrant inner light, empowering them to radiate positivity and live their best, authentic life.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day

Fred Rogers, beloved host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, taught us to be kind and empathetic, and his legacy continues to inspire and brighten the world.

Legal Assistance Day

Need help navigating the legal maze? There are folks out there who make sure you don't get lost when the legal stuff gets tricky.

National Caffeine Awareness Month

Ever noticed how that morning buzz isn't just in coffee? It's in tea, soda, even some chocolates - caffeine's everywhere!

A Room Of One’s Own Day

Unwind in your personal oasis, a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Embrace tranquility, recharge your spirit, and revel in the blissful escape of solitude!

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National Rat Catcher’s Day

Enchanting melodies, luring shadows, captivating an entire town with a mysterious musical tale and whimsical charm.

National Chicken Wing Day

When it's game time or just time to kick back, these crispy bites are the ultimate companions for sharing and savoring.

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