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Did you know April is Active Dog Month? That’s right, it’s a month created by Om Shanti Pups that’s all about enjoying spring and getting active with your furry best friend! After a long, cold winter it can be tough getting motivated to get physical activity in. If you’re looking for a great way to start exercise for you and your dog and bond with your most beloved friend, then continue reading to find out more about Active Dog Month and how it came to be!

History of Active Dog Month

Active Dog Month became a holiday out of the inspiration of Om Shanti Pups, a blog website that writes about natural and holistic treatments to take care of your dog. Natasha Thompson, the blogger, and creator of Om Shanti Pups created Active Dog Month out of a long winter up in Alaska, where she noticed that her dog was feeling cabin fever too. Hence she proclaimed the month of April Active Dog Month, a month dedicated to keeping your dog active, happy, and healthy.

Om Shanti Pups gives her readers plenty of activities and ideas to do during Active Dog Month. According to her webpage, she gives tips on how to keep your dog active, such as getting them a leash, starting with 10-minute walks, play chase, play frisbee, learn nose work, and more. She also provides dog games, puzzle games, and more. Om Shanti Pups is a great holistic blog to follow and if you’re looking for great ways to keep your dog healthy, then follow Om Shanti Pups and check her blog out on social media.

How to Celebrate Active Dog Month

Get involved by spending the month of April getting more active with your dog. Take longer walks, explore new areas, and spend time in the warm sunshine! All you need is a leash to get started. Discover new, creative ideas for logging beneficial activity with your dog. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog! It’s not just about physical activity, though. Mental stimulation is a wonderful way to wear out your dog and provide fun interaction for you both. Find some puzzle games to keep your dog’s brain in check or play hide and seek games to boost their senses and keep them interested. Throughout the month, you can also post pictures of you and your dog on social media and hashtag #ActiveDogMonth to tag the holiday and help your friends learn about this awesome holiday!

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