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”There’s no right or wrong way to manage your mental illness. You are not less of a person for needing medication or having to go to therapy multiple times a week. If something helps your mental health, take the time to do it. Don’t stop, no matter what other people think.”
~ Hayley Lyvers

Every day millions of people all over the world struggle with some form of mental illness. It can be as simple as a self-destructive attitude about themselves and their own self-worth, to solid delusions and the inability to have healthy relationships with others. Mental Health Month was established to raise awareness about these conditions and the people who struggle with them every day.

History of Mental Health Month
Mental health is best described as a degree of well-being on a psychological level, as well as a lack of mental illness. One’s mental health often determines how well someone can enjoy their life and the simple things that we do every day. Sometimes it seems impossible for someone with a mental health problem to enjoy the small things in life, or they may have difficulty facing things that for neurotypical are simple day to day tasks. The spectrum of what mental health covers and the mental illnesses that people can suffer from are frankly mind-boggling.

Thankfully there is help for those suffering from mental illness. Psychology has been an ever growing and advancing field for well over a hundred years, and incredibly strides have been made both in methodology and pharmaceutical solutions to the issues that people face. Mental Health Month is dedicated to raising awareness and increasing compassion and understanding for those who face these challenges. We all know people who suffer from these conditions, even if we aren’t aware of it. Mental Health issues are pervasive and show no respect for social or economic status. If you have members of your family who struggle with mental illness, Mental Health Month is your opportunity to rededicate yourself to giving them the help they need to make it through the day to day.

How to Celebrate Mental Health Month
The best way to celebrate Mental Health Month is to take the time to take care of your own mental health. We have all learned unhealthy habits through our lives, often involving how to deal with our relationships with others or ourselves. Support yourself and those you love by taking care of your own mental health and trying to understand the struggles that others face every day with their own mental health.

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