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World Rivers Day

They carve their way through the earth, providing a playground for adventure seekers and a peaceful refuge for nature lovers.

Bring Flowers To Someone Day

Send a bouquet to someone (or someones) you care about, or go out and gather some wildflowers to show your affection on Bring Flowers to Someone Day.

Arborist Appreciation Day

Show some appreciation to the arborists who put their lives and safety on the line to keep us safe from potentially dangerous trees and branches.

National Caves and Karst Day

Explore a local cave or karst and enjoy the sometimes alien beauty and wildlife that lurks in these stunning and underappreciated features of nature.


Love your Burial Ground Week

Learn about the history of your local burial grounds, and join others in exploring what these somber plots of land can tell us about the past and its inhabitants.

National Upcycling Day

Dig out those unused clothes, accessories, even furniture and “upcycle” them into something new with a bit of creativity and tender loving care.

Daffodil Day

As the first flower to bloom in Spring, Daffodils are a symbol of the fight against cancer. Plant some, or donate to cancer research and treatment funds.


National Invasive Species Awareness Week

As our ecosystem faces challenges, some strive to preserve native flora and fauna by managing the impact of invasive species.


National Groundwater Awareness Week

A vital resource, groundwater is a hidden treasure beneath our feet. Its protection is crucial for our future and the planet's.

We Jump The World Day

Parkour is an art form devoted to pushing the limits of the body and interacting directly with the world around you. Learn how on We Jump the World Day.

Plant Power Day

Delicious creations from nature's bounty, plates filled with vibrant colors and enticing flavors that fuel the body and support the planet.

National Pothole Day

Testing the resilience of every traveler, these unassuming gaps in the road serve as a reminder of nature's impact on our paved world.

National Mason Jar Day

Capture the summer with these versatile glass jars that can store anything from pickles to cocktails, adding rustic charm to any occasion.

National Recycling Day

Reduce waste at home and at work on America Recycles Day and make recycling a permanent habit for a greener, cleaner environment all year round.

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National Porridge Day

Wake up to a warm, hearty breakfast that will keep you fueled for hours with a classic dish that's been enjoyed for centuries.

International Asteroid Day

Explore the mysteries of space rocks hurtling through the galaxy, with the potential to unlock secrets of our universe!

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