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National Senior Citizens Day

Volunteer to visit elderly people living alone, or spend time with senior citizens at an assisted care facility or nursing home on Senior Citizens Day.

A guide to celebrating Aug 21st

Let’s kick off the day by showing appreciation for the seniors in our lives. Visit a local nursing home and spend some time chatting with the residents. Listen to their stories and enjoy their wisdom. Bring along some homemade treats to brighten their day.

Next, indulge in some delicious spumoni ice cream. Head to the nearest grocery store and pick up a pint or two. Enjoy this classic Italian dessert with friends or family in a park or your backyard. Don’t forget to snap some photos to capture the happy moments.

After satisfying your sweet tooth, take some time to focus on your finances. Look for free financial workshops in your community or educate yourself online. Take small steps to improve your financial health, such as creating a budget or setting financial goals for the future.

End the day by channeling your inner poet. Grab a pen and paper, or open a notes app on your phone, and let your creativity flow. Write a poem about your day, reflecting on the experiences you had and the memories you created. Share your poem with loved ones or keep it as a personal memento of the day’s celebrations.

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