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National Kitten Day

These furry little friends will make your heart melt. With their curious nature and soft fur, they're sure to bring joy into your life!

Dinosaur Day

Discover a lost world of colossal creatures, where gigantic predators and gentle giants once roamed the earth.

World Hamster Day

Show your pet hamster how much you love them with a special treat and some extra attention; if you’re able, consider adopting a little friend of your own.

National Beagle day

Floppy ears and soulful eyes, the beagle is man’s best friend, and a valuable hunting dog. Pamper your beagle, or join in an event like the Beagle Walk.

National Pygmy Hippo Day

Learn about the adorable, but tragically endangered Pygmy Hippo. Raise awareness, donate or volunteer to help preserve these wonderful miniature creatures.

Day of the Horse

Whether galloping through fields or performing intricate maneuvers, horses captivate hearts and inspire with their beauty and spirit.

World Aquatic Animal Day

Did you know the ocean contains about a million different species? Learn about marine life, visit an aquarium, or raise awareness about the threats to the ocean.

International Snow Leopard Day

These majestic creatures prowl the mountains with grace and power, their stunning coats blending seamlessly into the snowy landscape.

International Corgi Day

Pamper your corgi, buy corgi-related merch to help support the rescue and care of these animals, or get involved with a local event on International Corgi Day.


International Heritage Breeds Week

Support the survival of classic livestock breeds like Oberhasli goats, Wiltshire Wild Horn sheep, and Gloucester Old Spot pigs during Heritage Breeds Week.

National Mule Day

These hardworking, sure-footed animals are the backbone of many mountain communities, carrying heavy loads through rugged terrain with ease.


National Moth Week

Sign up for an event or citizen project during Moth Week to get involved, take and post photos, and get a good look at the interesting varieties of moths out there.


National Nest Box Week

If you want to invite more birds to your yard, consider putting up some cozy little homes for these feathered friends!


National Professional Pet Sitters Week

Looking for someone to pamper your furry friends while you're away? Professional pet sitters have got you covered!

Adopt A Ferret Month

Is it a cat? Is it a snake? Yes, it’s a ferret! These uncommon but loveable pets can make a great addition to the right home, but make sure to do your research first.

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National Kissing Day

When lips meet and hearts flutter, the world feels like it's spinning in slow motion, and for a moment, nothing else matters.

UK Armed Forces Day

Show support for the UK Armed Forces who serve their country and community, from fighting in wars to delivering aid to war or natural disaster-torn communities.

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