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Glioblastoma Awareness Day

Shining a spotlight on a formidable adversary, raising awareness becomes a rallying call for collective understanding and action.

National Hot Dog Day

Sink your teeth into a juicy, savory, grilled delight that's perfect for any occasion. It's the ultimate comfort food on-the-go!

National Lottery Day

Taking a chance on a potential windfall can be thrilling, but always remember to play within your limits to keep it fun.

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How to celebrate Jul 17th

If you find yourself faced with a day dedicated to sending electronic greeting cards, consider brightening up someone’s day with a virtual message. Spread awareness by sending supportive messages to those affected by glioblastoma. Grab a hot dog to celebrate National Hot Dog Day and maybe even host a mini barbecue with friends. Test your luck on National Lottery Day by picking up a scratch-off ticket or entering a raffle. Cool off with a delicious peach ice cream treat in honor of National Peach Ice Cream Day. Embrace your unique side on National Yellow Pig Day by wearing yellow and indulging in some quirky pig-themed activities. Express yourself through emojis on World Emoji Day by having a full conversation using only emojis. If you’ve been contemplating getting a tattoo, National Tattoo Day might just be the perfect time to take the plunge. Reflect on the importance of justice in the world on World Day for International Justice by educating yourself on global issues and ways to make a positive impact. Now go out there and enjoy this wonderfully random assortment of holidays!

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National Peach Ice Cream Day

It’s not the most common flavor, but peach ice cream is the perfect combination. Fruity, sweet, and refreshing, it’s the perfect summer treat.

National Yellow Pig Day

Adding the first four prime numbers together equals the fifth: 17. Create your own origami or paper maché yellow pig, based on the studies of two students obsessed with 17.

World Emoji Day

Try telling a story or sending a text using just emojis, and see how much you can communicate through these expressive little pictographs.

National Tattoo Day

Have an idea for a tattoo you’ve been wanting to get? Pull the trigger and go make your body a canvas for art and self-expression by getting inked.


Everybody Deserves a Massage Week

Relaxation and stress relief achieved through skilled hands, melting away tension and rejuvenating the body.

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National Culinary Arts Month

Mastery of flavors and techniques, culinary arts blend creativity and skill to craft exquisite gastronomic experiences for all.

National Hemp Month

Harnessing the versatile properties of a sustainable plant to create eco-friendly products for various industries and applications.

National Powersports Month

Thrill in the exhilarating rush of off-road adventures, where adrenaline meets rugged terrain for ultimate excitement.

Independent Retailer Month

Embrace the vibrant community spirit and make a positive impact by supporting local shops and businesses. It's a win-win for everyone, fostering growth and creating a thriving neighborhood.

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Bone up on cell phone etiquette and do your part to make our society less annoying. Keep your volume down, don’t use speakerphone in public, and be self-aware.

National Horseradish Month

Make a point to try out all sorts of new recipes during Horseradish Month by making use of this flavorful, zingy ingredient in everything from salads to cocktails.

National Picnic Month

Get a basket, a big blanket, and a selection of portable foods like fruit, salad, sausage and sandwiches and enjoy a tasty, relaxing outdoor picnic.

National Ice Cream Month

Cool down from the summer heat by indulging in the sweet, creamy treat we all scream for. Pair it with pie or brownies, top it on a cone, or just have a bowl.

Plastic Free July

Make a point to avoid creating plastic waste, and substitute reusable, environmentally-friendly items like metal straws and water bottles or paper bags.

Bank Account Bonus Month

Many banks offer bonuses for opening a new account, so do some research and see if you can get some cash just for opening up a bank account somewhere new.

Sarcoma Awareness Month

Educate yourself and spread awareness about the risk factors, warning signs, and symptoms of the rare but potentially deadly forms of cancer known as sarcomas.

World Watercolor Month

Head to your local art supply store, get some watercolors and a good canvas, and get your creative juices flowing. Draw a landscape, or express yourself abstractly.

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