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Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

Help give children with language disorders a voice, by supporting organizations and raising awareness about Developmental Language Disorders and their effects.


A guide to celebrating Oct 18th

If we want to honor the vibe of National No Beard Day, perhaps we could start the day with a relaxing shave or trimming session. It’s a chance to switch up our look and embrace a clean face if we usually sport facial hair. Next, in the spirit of National Prayer Day, we could find a serene spot to reflect and meditate, expressing gratitude and setting intentions for the day ahead.

As we move on to celebrating National Chocolate Cupcake Day, why not satisfy our sweet tooth by baking or indulging in some store-bought chocolate cupcakes? To add a twist, we could even try experimenting with different toppings or fillings to make it extra special. And finally, on World Menopause Day, we can focus on self-care and wellness. This could involve activities like going for a calming walk, practicing yoga, or pampering ourselves with a relaxing bath.

By combining elements of grooming, mindfulness, indulgence, and self-care, we can curate a day that celebrates various aspects of ourselves and brings a touch of fun and relaxation into our routine.

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