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National Table Shuffleboard Day

Find a local bar or rec center with a shuffleboard table and watch a tournament or learn to play the English game that dates back to the 15th century.

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How to celebrate Sep 17th

Ready for a fantastically festive day that’s as varied as a jukebox on shuffle? Start by clearing clutter and bringing new energy into your space with a deep clean. Shake off the dust, rewrite your daily groove, and make way for fresh perspectives on National Professional House Cleaners Day. As you polish and scrub, crack open a window and let in some sunlight to liven up your cleaning soundtrack – perhaps a little country music to match International Country Music Day. Dance with the broom, sing with the mop – no judgment here!

Once your space is sparkling, dive into some fascinating reading and exploration. Tap into your inner history buff by delving into the Smithsonian Day. Get lost in the stories of the past, immerse yourself in culture and knowledge, and maybe even plan a future visit to a museum to keep the inspiration going. As you flip through pages or scroll through exhibits, take a break and challenge a friend to a friendly game of table shuffleboard for National Table Shuffleboard Day.

Feeling peckish after all that mental and physical activity? Whisk up a batch of delicious apple dumplings or a scrumptious Monte Cristo sandwich to celebrate National Apple Dumpling Day and National Monte Cristo Day. Let the sweet and savory flavors dance on your taste buds as you savor each bite. And don’t forget to share the love – set up a cozy picnic for your feathered friends to honor National Pet Bird Day.

In between bites, take a moment to reflect on the importance of preparation and readiness on Get Ready Day. What can you do today to ensure a smoother tomorrow? Tidy up your workspace, organize your thoughts, and maybe even draft plans for the future. Wrap up your day with a toast to progress and possibilities on Constitution Day. Let the principles of liberty and justice inspire you to stand tall and be the change you wish to see.

With this medley of activities, you’ve celebrated weird national holidays in a fun and practical way. So go on, make the most of your day and create your own unique blend of festivities!

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International Country Music Day

Kick up your heels and get ready to sing along to the sounds of the heartland. Catchy lyrics and twangy guitars await!

Constitution Day

Learn about the true origins and content of the United States Constitution to both honor the history of the nation and consider the values it was founded on.

Get Ready Day

Join together with your community, family, or simply yourself to figure out what to do in an emergency of any kind and Be Ready for whatever comes.

National Apple Dumpling Day

Getting tired of apple pie? Try apple dumplings instead, a delicious apple-filled treat containing cinnamon, nutmeg, and perhaps cloves or lemon zest.

National Monte Cristo Day

A classic Club sandwich dipped in French Toast batter and crisped to perfection, try a Monte Cristo Sandwich at home, or visit a fancy restaurant.


Fairtrade Fortnight

Supporting Fairtrade, means contributing to a more sustainable and equitable global market. Plus, you get to enjoy some delicious products!


National Neonatal Nurses Week 

Providing compassionate care to newborns and support for families, these healthcare heroes play a crucial role in healthcare.


National Forensic Science Week

Unraveling mysteries, forensic science unveils hidden truths, deciphering clues to reconstruct events and solve puzzles.


Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week 

Embracing a tiny companion, discover joy in caring for a pocket-sized friend, adding warmth to daily life.


Professional Care Workers’ Week

Dedicated to aiding, professional care workers uplift lives through compassion, ensuring well-being in every interaction.


National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week

Building bridges through educator and family interactions, strengthening support networks to nurture student growth and achievement.


Thinking of You Week

Surprising a loved one with heartfelt words in the mail can uplift spirits and remind them they're cherished beyond measure.


Mid-Autumn Festival

During this enchanting celebration, families gather under the moonlit sky to relish delightful treats, share laughter, and celebrate unity and abundance.


Hispanic Heritage Month

Join an event, forum, or exhibition for Hispanic Heritage Month, and appreciate the art, history, and cultural offerings of this rich and expansive heritage.

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World Alzheimer’s Month

Understanding this complex disease drives research advancements, fosters empathy, and supports those affected by memory loss.

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Promoting knowledge about this critical health issue can save lives through early detection and effective treatment options.

National DMV Appreciation Month

Recognizing the unsung heroes facilitating life-saving opportunities, ensuring the gift of organ donation reaches those in need.

Classical Music Month

Timeless compositions evoke emotions, weaving intricate melodies that transcend eras and resonate with the human experience.

National Dystonia Awareness Month

Raising understanding, shedding light on neurological challenges, fostering empathy for those navigating the complexities of dystonia.

National Italian Cheese Month

From creamy mozzarella to tangy gorgonzola, Italy offers a rich array of cheeses to tantalize the taste buds.

NICU Awareness Month

Raising understanding about premature infant care, their special needs, and the dedicated medical teams that support them.

National Papaya Month

Known for their sweet flavor and vibrant color, these tropical fruits offer numerous health benefits and culinary uses.

Pain Awareness Month

Understanding and support for those enduring chronic pain fosters empathy and drives advancements in treatment and care.

Intelligent Automation Month

Revolutionizing workflows with seamless technology, amplifying efficiency, and paving the way for a smarter, interconnected future.

National Guide Dog Month

Four-legged companions, these furry friends provide unwavering support, guiding and brightening the lives of those they accompany with their boundless loyalty.

National Recovery Month

The journey to reclaiming lives, marked by resilience and transformation, where individuals find strength amidst adversity to rediscover their inner light.

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

In the face of a growing health concern among our youth, society's nurturing role becomes increasingly vital for a healthier future generation.

Whole Grains Month

Discover nature's wholesome gems, packed with nourishment and goodness. Incorporating them into meals fuels a healthy lifestyle, keeping energy levels soaring!

International Square Dancing Month

Get ready to stomp, spin, and twirl to lively tunes with friends. This dance tradition is filled with laughter, friendship, and toe-tapping fun for everyone.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month

By fostering understanding and support, raising awareness for these conditions brings hope, funds research, and stands beside those affected with compassion.

National Suicide Prevention Month

Take time to reach out to loved ones and even yourself, and learn the warning signs and behaviors in order to prevent a tragic and pointless death by suicide.

Read A New Book Month

Trade books with friends, join a book club, donate old books, and pick up new books to get lost in whole new worlds between the pages of a brand new tome.

National Piano Month

Attend a piano concert or recital, or learn to play this classic, timeless, highly versatile instrument yourself, with a teacher or even on your own.

Sepsis Awareness Month

Join or host an event, educate yourself, and raise awareness about the causes and signs of sepsis. It could save your life or the life of another someday.

Sourdough September

Get started on your own sourdough starter to keep your kitchen smelling of crispy, lightly tangy fresh-baked bread all through the month of Sourdough September.

Friendship Month

Reconnect with old friends, make new friends, see friends of all kinds regularly and be kind to everyone you meet all throughout Friendship Month.

National Honey Month

Put it in your tea, spread it on some toast, enjoy honey in all its forms! Try a new kind of honey, such as orange blossom, eucalyptus, or beechwood honey.

National Chicken Month

Fry it, roast it, stick it in a soup…pick your favorite way to eat chicken, and have fun trying out new recipes for this versatile and tasty bird.

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Donate money or time to supporting cancer research, or directly supporting children all around the world who tragically have to battle cancer every day.

National Mushroom Month

Go to the grocery store or farmer’s market (not wild picking!) and try a new variety of mushroom in any number of recipes, a great side or main course.

Chiari Awareness Month

Learn and help raise awareness about Chiari Malformation, a chronic condition that causes regular headaches and is as of yet difficult to treat.

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Help raise awareness about and understand the symptoms and signs of ovarian cancer, so that this devastating disease can be caught and treated early.

National Sewing Month

Save money and grow your skills by learning to sew, so you can patch up your own clothes, or even make your own from scratch, perfect to your style.

Happy Cat Month

Schedule a check-up at the vet, buy some healthy treats, or cook up a chicken and share with your cat to make sure you do indeed have a happy cat.

National Preparedness Month

Look into FEMA and other organizations in your area during National Preparedness Month to make sure you know what to do in case of a natural disaster.

National Library Card Sign-up Month

Go get yourself a library card and take advantage of all the books, computers, magazines, events and other media and resources your library can provide.

Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month

Help raise awareness and funds for research into pulmonary fibrosis, an often invisible disease that interrupts the lives of many people who suffer from it.

Shake Month

Strawberry, oreo, good old fashioned vanilla…whatever your milkshake flavor preference, indulge by making it yourself or picking one up at a shake shop.

Hunger Action Month

People in every country, everywhere, face hunger. Help raise awareness and funds to eliminate the problem of world hunger, faced by children and adults globally.


Rejuvenating slumber fosters vitality, supporting well-being, as restorative rest fuels energy for vibrant living every day.

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