When we’re young, bedtime meant a number of things. It often meant taking a warm bath to get clean before shuffling off to bed, begging for a glass of water no less than three times and, of course, cuddling down with our parents for a bedtime story. There was something about the sound of their voice telling us our favorite stories that helped drag us into a contented slumber, where perhaps we’d dream these tales they told us. There’s a day to recall these days and even to remind you to share these moments with your loved ones, and that’s International Read To Me day.

History of International Read To Me Day

International Read To Me day was established by the Child Writes Foundation to encourage the growth and spread of adult literacy. It became clear that in countries throughout the world adult literacy is a problem, and many adults simply lack the ability to read even for pleasure. When trying to find ways to help offset this, it became apparent that being read to as a child helped to encourage literacy and a love of reading in adults. The result of these findings was obvious! A holiday needed to be established to encourage the foundations of literacy by reading to our children, and thus was born “International Read To Me Day”!

While the holiday is definitely focused on encouraging children to read, some of the fundamental facts about this holiday extend even into adults. Reading to someone is an intimate act, something that can create closeness between two people and bring comfort to those we share it with. In Victorian times it was not at all unusual for an elderly person with failing eyes to employ someone strictly to read to them from their favorite tales. Reading a story to our partner at bed time can help foster a sense of togetherness far more intimate than watching a movie together.

How to celebrate International Read To Me Day

This one is definitely a no-brainer. When you get ready to bed down for the night, take the time to share a story with someone. Whether a child or your romantic partner, reading is a great way to help end the night. Reading also expands vocabulary, encourages creativity, and generally helps in every aspect of cognition, so while you’re building bonds with them, you’ll also be helping to maintain a healthy brain and help foster communication.

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