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National Paranormal Day

Put on your favorite paranormal flick or show, listen to a paranormal podcast, or read stories of real-life paranormal activity—but maybe leave the lights on.

National Space Day

Visit an observatory or use a telescope to explore the night sky, or peruse one of NASA’s livestreams to remind yourself how big the universe really is.

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How to celebrate May 3rd

Wake up to a day full of surprises! Begin your adventure with a bit of celestial wonder on National Space Day. Spend some time outdoors or visit a planetarium for stargazing. Moving on, dive into the mystical world of the paranormal. Explore spooky stories, watch a horror movie, or try your hand at ghost-hunting for National Paranormal Day.

For a change of pace, embrace the spirit of Orthodox Good Friday. Attend a church service, reflect on the importance of faith, or volunteer at a local charity. Afterward, bask in the warmth of Sun Day by soaking up some vitamin D outdoors. Picnic at a park, go for a hike, or simply relax with a good book.

As the day progresses, channel your inner wordsmith for Wordsmith Day. Try your hand at poetry, journaling, or writing letters to loved ones. Celebrate School Lunch Hero Day with a twist by preparing a delicious meal for someone special or thanking a local school staff member.

Take a moment to appreciate the art of textiles on National Textiles Day. Get crafty with DIY projects, visit a fabric store, or learn a new sewing technique. Ready to share your thoughts? It’s Write a Review Day! Support small businesses by leaving positive feedback online or recommend your favorite books, movies, or restaurants.

Unleash your creativity by celebrating National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. Mix and match your footwear for a fun and quirky look. Indulge your sweet tooth with National Chocolate Custard Day. Whip up a decadent dessert or treat yourself to a creamy delight.

For a lighthearted moment, embrace the carefree spirit of National No Pants Day. Enjoy the freedom of lounging in your comfiest attire. Dive into the world of music on International Tuba Day. Listen to tuba performances online, learn about this unique instrument, or try playing a tune yourself.

Wrap up your day in tranquility with National Garden Meditation Day. Find a peaceful spot outdoors, practice mindfulness, or tend to your garden. And remember, even on National Lumpy Rug Day, there’s beauty in imperfection. Take a step back, appreciate the little quirks in life, and embrace the joy of celebrating the unexpected.

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Sun Day

Embracing warmth and radiance, basking in the vibrant glow that uplifts spirits and infuses joy into everyday moments.

School Lunch Hero Day

Dedicated individuals ensuring children have nutritious meals, fostering a positive school environment and supporting student well-being.

National Textiles Day

Weaving threads into art, intricate patterns tell stories of craftsmanship, connecting heritage and innovation seamlessly.

Write a Review Day

Be a hero to businesses and shoppers alike! Sharing your thoughts and experiences can guide others to the best products and services.

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Walk your own walk and show your individuality by wearing two different colored shoes, an exercise to get you to reject limiting social norms and enjoying life.

National Chocolate Custard Day

Indulge in this rich and decadent dessert made with velvety smooth chocolate and a creamy texture that will leave you wanting more.

National No Pants Day

Leave your restricting pants in their drawer and feel the freedom of No Pants Day. Try skirts, dresses, kilts, or just stay home and relax bare-legged.

International Tuba Day

Underappreciated and often mocked, the tuba provides an essential role as bass in a wind or marching band, so dust off your tuba or go see a professional.

National Garden Meditation Day

Meditation and nature can both boost your mood, improve your focus and memory, and calm your emotions, so join them together by practicing meditation in a garden.

National Lumpy Rug Day

Take stock of your home décor and see if you can’t smooth out the lumps in your rugs. Or, try taking them to an expert or updating your home with new ones.


National Small Business Week

Empower local economies, nurture community growth; advocate for the heart of commerce, sustaining dreams with each purchase.


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National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

Join the thousands of volunteers around the world raising awareness about Cystic Fibrosis, a devastating disease affecting over 30,000 people in the US.

National Salad Month

Crisp, vibrant medleys of fresh greens, juicy tomatoes, and zesty vinaigrette — a refreshing burst of wholesome, natural flavors.

National Duckling Month

Savor the delicate richness of young waterfowl, a culinary delight embodying exquisite tenderness and nuanced flavors.

Older Americans Month

Honoring the wisdom and experience of seniors with events recognizing their contributions and enriching their lives.

National Stroke Awareness Month

Recognizing sudden signs, staying informed, and acting swiftly can save lives, fostering stroke awareness and prevention.

ALS Awareness Month

A condition affecting motor neurons, ALS challenges resilience, fostering community, advancing research, and supporting individuals.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Promoting sun safety encourages early detection, fostering community awareness about the risks and prevention of skin ailments.

No Meat May

Exploring a plant-based journey for a month, discovering vibrant flavors and embracing a mindful, eco-friendly lifestyle.

National Moving Month

Transitioning to a new place, embracing fresh beginnings, and creating a space filled with memories and possibilities.

National Walking Month

Strolling outdoors, enjoying nature's embrace, invigorating body and mind, walking offers a path to vitality.

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month

Navigating emotions, BPD awareness unveils a path to understanding, fostering empathy, and promoting mental health conversations.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month (US)

Shining a light on the battle within, advocating for understanding and support in the journey against neurological challenges.

National Barbecue Month

Gather your friends and neighbors together and grill up some tasty, smoky, ever-popular BBQ to welcome the warm weather. Try making your own BBQ sauce!

National Bike Month

Improve your health and the health of the entire planet by using National Bike Month to get back on that two-wheeled metaphorical horse and leave the car at home.

National Hamburger Month

Host a cookout, make your own hamburgers, try a new kind of burger, or even just visit your favorite classic fast food restaurant to treat yourself.

Better Sleep Month

Getting a solid night's rest by adopting simple bedtime habits can leave you feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead.

National Foster Care Month

A vital embrace of vulnerable hearts, offering shelter, nurturing hope, and weaving the future with threads of love and belonging.

National Photography Month

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so get out there and start taking snapshots of the beauty all around you, whether right at home or off in an exotic locale.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month

Educate yourself and others on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a hard-to-diagnose condition that may cause chronic pain, fragile skin, joint problems and more.

National Military Appreciation Month

Volunteer or donate to veteran causes, educate yourself on the history and state of the military, and thank a service member during Military Appreciation Month.

Better Speech and Language Month

Five percent of the world experiences hearing loss, and another five experiences speech problems, so take stock of your hearing and speech and get help if necessary.

National Deck Safety Month

Fix up your deck, look into any potential problems, or hire a professional to make sure that beloved outdoor space is safe and secure for years to come.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

About five percent of all cancers are bladder cancer, so educate yourself and others on the signs, symptoms, and treatments for this painful disease.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month

Prader-Willi Syndrome affects many children and families around the world, but can be hard to diagnose. Educate yourself on the symptoms and treatments.

Lupus Awareness Month

A life-threatening autoimmune disease, Lupus can have devastating effects, especially if undiagnosed and untreated, so learn the symptoms so you can act fast.

National Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Nature lovers know that ticks can be a nuisance, but they can also be life-threatening carriers of Lyme disease. Know the symptoms and how to prevent it.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Get familiar with the history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the US, or join an event to celebrate your heritage during Asian/Pacific Heritage Month.

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